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Use MemberCheck’s solutions and RESTful API to effortlessly comply with global anti-money laundering regulations.
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Our Solutions

PEP and Sanction Check
Scan your clients aga inst global PEP & Sanction data sources.
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Adverse Media Check
Keep up to date on risks your clients face by using reliable worldwide media.
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Customer Identity Verification
Avoid prosecution, verify the identification of your customers.
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AML Consulting Service
ACAMS certified professionals can assess the ML/TF risk to your business
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How can MemberCheck Help?

Our clients are provided with a secure and simple solution in regard to scanning for politically exposed or high-risk individuals, as well as checking names against sanction, regulatory, law enforcement, and other official lists.

Use our sophisticated scan filters and due diligence workflow to minimise the amount of time you spend sorting through, false matches. Scan results and reporting sections allow you to access customer details, whenever and wherever required, as well as download reports, to customise for further investigation or to provide evidence of your AML program compliance for auditing purposes.

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* This page is intended as general information only and should not be relied on as the sole source of information for your AML obligations and AML program. Please visit your local regulatory authority sites for the latest relevant and full information.

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