Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Are your services suitable for the area in which my company operates?

Yes, we offer a global solution. We meet the AML requirements of companies in every region in the world with our global database. Please refer to our coverage page on our website.

Q. Can My Small Business Work with MemberCheck?

Companies of all sizes can use our products. Small and medium-sized businesses can use our other company NameScan and use the PAYG packages based on their need.

Q. Does MemberCheck offer a free demo?

Yes, our team provides live demo support when you request one.

Q. How can I use your services to comply with my AML/CTF obligations?

MemberCheck enables you to screen your customers and applicants quickly and easily against global PEP/Sanction and adverse media data sources in the way you want. This is done using the web interface for ad-hoc single scans and batch scans or by integrating MemberCheck with your applications via an API. Adjust the numerous intelligent scan filters to target and refine your searches, and easily assess and allocate risk and due diligence decisions using the integrated due diligence workflow to streamline meeting your compliance obligations.

Q. Is MemberCheck GDPR compliant?

Yes, MemberCheck is GDPR compliant. We allow clients full ownership of their data that is stored on cloud servers. Clients can delete data at their digression. Once data is deleted, there is no way of recovering it. We strongly recommend that clients download all data prior to cleansing the system.

Q. Is MemberCheck ISO 27001 certified?

Yes, MemberCheck is ISO 27001 certified. ISO 27001 is an information security standard which contributes to governance and documentation of good IT practice and IT security.

Q. What is a whitelist?

You can create whitelists from due diligence decisions of ‘false match’ in the scan process, to apply to future scans to eliminate false positives and reduce your workload.

Q. What languages does MemberCheck application support?

The software and all its content and documents are currently available in English and French. Spanish, and Japanese versions of our application are soon to follow.

Q. Which industries are your AML/CTF solutions suitable for?

MemberCheck helps with the Anti-Money Laundering compliance processes of banks, money transfer companies, insurance companies, crypto exchanges, investment companies, Fintech, high-risk companies, gaming, gambling companies and lending industry.

Q. How do I get support?

If you need support, you can always send an email to our designated support team at support@membercheck.com In addition, MemberCheck has comprehensive online help guides which expand on the features and capabilities of our screening application. You can access these help guides at the following link: https://help.membercheck.com

Q. How long does it take to setup a MemberCheck account?

Once the MemberCheck Client Subscription Agreement has been signed, our team can have your organisation setup with a production account within 24 to 48 business hours.

Q. How much time is required for API integration?

This depends on your organisation's technical resources; however, the average implementation takes between 3 – 4 weeks.

Q. If an individual is elected/removed/resigned from office today, how soon will yourdatabase be updated?

When information on the change of status of a pollical individual ispublic domain, we will review it (this is important to ensure onlyaccurate data is added to the database) and once the data is accurate, then wewill add to that individual’s record.   All records ofindividuals/entities/companies have a date shown to the user when the record islast updated.  So, this will be a few days at worst case and the nextday at best, after the information is made public and fully reviewed.

Q. Do you offer ongoing monitoring as part of your products?

Yes, you receive notifications of changes to profiles of matches, or added information affecting your customers, through automatic daily screening against global PEP & Sanction, as well as adverse media data sources.

Q. Do your products produce a report for the results?

You can create and download reports in PDF, Word, and Excel as part of your KYC (Know Your Customer) obligations, and to meet audit requirements. 

Q. Does MemberCheck cover SWIFT Sanctions placed on Banks and Financial Institutions?

SWIFT does not have their own specific sanction lists; however, they add their list of Banks and Financial Institutions that they have sanctioned on SWIFTRef platforms such as OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control), European Union and United Nations Sanctions lists. These SWIFTRef platforms are covered by MemberCheck and contain the list of Banks and Financial Institutions that have been sanctioned.

Q. Does MemberCheck offer API support?

Yes, we have a powerful API. You can automate your AML/ CTF compliance program and reduce time wasted. By integrating with our API, you can perform real-time scans to help you detect and minimise your risks.

Q. How comprehensive are your database?

We have spent years building data sets that use artificial intelligence and deep learning. Our data is updated daily from structured and unstructured lists, resulting in the acquisition of thousands of new profiles for you to screen against. We have a Specialised software that monitors Sanction websites and we update our dataset regularly. Our database contains more than 1,000 Sanction lists, PEP lists, Wanted and Watched lists from 195+ countries.

Q. Does MemberCheck offer a free demo?

Yes, our team provides live demo support when you request one and provides you with a two-week trial to test our environment.

Q. For Domestic PEPs & Foreign PEPs what is the oldest election year included in your database?

In our database, we have hundreds of thousands of entries. We also maintain records of people now dead, for example, Osama Bin Laden who died in2011.  This is actually important as these people may have legal or illicit assets which people are trying to access. The database goes back 20+years.

Q. If an individual is added/ removed from the sanction list today, how soon will your database be updated?

It will be reviewed for accuracy and then actioned, so typicallyovernight (within 24 hours)

Q. If an individual is included/removed in the adverse news today, how soon will your database be updated?

If there is new data for an individual, then this is added overnight.   Older reports of adverse media tend not to be removed, but new reports appear (for example a court case and the individual is subsequently acquitted), but the fast they have been prosecuted remain public domain information. For PEP, Sanctions and Adverse media, a question about how quickly the database is updated, these are key change, and the client/user should be informed.  As such we monitor the record, and as changes are made as part of the overnight process any record which has been screened (and has been updated for any reason) and 12-month monitoring is on, then the client/user is made aware of this for any subsequent action by the client/user based on that updated information.

Q. How many users can use the same account and how does the permission setting work?

We offer unlimited multiuser access to our platform. Simple and advanced permissions access to features with pre-defined user roles to provide selected access to scanning, reporting and administration features. Further fine-grained permissions options to customise features access for individual users.

Q. What Due Diligence facilities do you provide?

Our customer can comply with auditing through the integrated due diligence to assign risks and decisions to matched profiles for your customers and applicants. You can access this feature through our dashboard.

Q. What services does MemberCheck provide?

MemberCheck provides AML Risk & Compliance Solution to the global market. MemberCheck offers four main products: PEP and Sanction Checks, Adverse Media Checks, Customer Identity Verification and AML Consulting Service. Customers use our products to comply with global AML/CTF legislation, and reduce the risk of your business being involved in money laundering or the financing of terrorism

Q. Which countries are supported by MemberCheck?

MemberCheck Compliance Solutions are supported in all countries. Please check our coverage page for more details.

Q. Does MemberCheck cover the MAS Lists of Designated Individuals and Entities and MAS TSOFA List?

The MAS List of Designated Individuals and Entities and the MAS TSOFA List are both covered in MemberCheck; however, they are covered under UN Sanctions and NOT MAS Sanctions because the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has imposed these restrictions.

Q. Cross-analysis of false positives w/competitors and the completeness of data for filtering/ parameters.

Our intelligent filters use fuzzy matching and phonetic algorithms to filter out noise that exists in the database and only present results that are relevant to the search. Match rates can be fine-tuned using the API or user interface to further reduce noise where possible. In addition, we use Machine Learning techniques to reduce false positives as the system is used by the client it learns and improves this.

Q. What are the news site used/referenced to perform adverse media checks?

There is no limit to the reputable and Government news sites accessed, we use a keyword search to look for information.   We also use logic to reduce the number of repeat hits, for example, a story from a Politician may appear on 100 or more websites, it is the same information, so we only need to show one site for that story.

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