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Join our esteemed network of channel partners and collaborate with MemberCheck, a leader in Risk and Compliance Management software. Together, we can drive innovation, expand market reach, and champion a secure financial ecosystem for businesses worldwide.
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Partnership Models

Referral Model

Our referral partnership model enables businesses to recommend our services simply while earning benefits, building a mutually beneficial relationship built on trust and client satisfaction.

Distribution Model

Distribution partners are critical to our business ecosystem because they strategically bring our products/services to a larger audience, providing widespread availability and seamless access for our clients.

API Integration

Our application integrators can work with our API to ensure smooth processes and maximise the value of our technology throughout their business.

Reseller Partnerships

Empower businesses globally by reselling MemberCheck's advanced AML/CTF Risk Management solution. Enhance your product range and provide exceptional value to your clientele.

Affiliate Partnerships

Endorse MemberCheck's premier AML/CTF solution, earn substantial commissions, and contribute to enhancing risk management practices worldwide.

Strategic Alliances

Forge a strategic alliance with MemberCheck, integrating complementary solutions to offer a robust AML/CTF solution to clients across the globe.

Joint Ventures

Engage in a joint venture with MemberCheck to explore new markets and opportunities within the Risk Management landscape, driving innovation together.

White Label Partnerships

Provide MemberCheck's proven AML/CTF platform under your brand, offering a seamless and powerful solution to your customers and enhancing your portfolio.

Distribution Partnerships

Join us as a key distributor, expanding the reach of MemberCheck's AML/CTF Risk Management solution and playing a part in fortifying global risk management practices.

Technology Partnerships

Collaborate with MemberCheck by integrating your technology with our platform, enhancing features, and delivering a superior Risk Management management experience.

Referral Partnerships

Refer businesses to MemberCheck and enjoy mutual benefits. Help us combat financial crimes while expanding your network and creating new opportunities.

Co-marketing Partnerships

Partner with MemberCheck for co-marketing initiatives, extending our reach and solidifying our commitment to creating a safer financial ecosystem.

Licensing Partnerships

License MemberCheck's innovative AML/CTF technology, integrate our capabilities into your offerings, and drive innovation in risk management solutions.
A global company that thinks local
Positioning services globally, MemberCheck aids organisations in enhancing compliance with local laws and standards.


Improved Performance

Positioning our resources closer to you allows us to enhance request processing. This proximity guarantees faster responses, reduces delays, and boosts the efficiency of your operations.

Enhanced Security

Protecting your data is our utmost priority. Processing and storing it within specific regions enhances access control and ensures compliance with local regulations. This method ensures your data remains both secure and compliant.

Assured Compliance

Compliance is essential. Our method of local deployment is designed to harmonise with regional laws, notably directives like GDPR. This concentrated approach ensures that entities smoothly conform to legal norms.

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Upcoming Deployments

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If you are interested in learning more about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team would be happy to discuss your specific needs and provide guidance on the best solutions for your business.

Win-Win Strategy

Use your know-how from the industry, your contacts and your consulting skills to help bring our reliable Risk Management solutions to the markets you are most comfortable with.
Team up with the people who make the rules to see if MemberCheck can help DNFBPs stick to their AML/CTF obligations.
We remain abreast of new technologies and regulations and incorporate these updates into our solutions so that you can provide your customers with the most up-to-date tools.
MemberCheck is ready to work alongside your team to create marketing and sales plans that really hit the mark. If needed, we provide pre-sales, onboarding, and ongoing assistance.
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