Adverse Media Checks

Adverse Media Checks

Global & Reliable Adverse Media Screening

Our ongoing Adverse Media monitoring keeps you informed in real time of any risk associated with your customer and enables you to meet your AML compliance obligations when onboarding your clientele.
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Real-time Adverse Media Screening

Integrate with our API and seamlessly perform Adverse Media checks on your customer.

Reliable and Global Media Coverage

Access to media coverage from reputable global media outlets.

Categorised Adverse Media Results

Effortlessly sort through adverse media results using our intelligent category tags.

Cached Historical Media Links

Access media that may have been removed with our cached PDF option.

Integrated PEP/Sanction and Adverse Media checks

Perform an all in one Know Your Customer check and manage your risk.

Frequent Database Updates

Daily updates from reliable media sources

Adverse Media Categories

Financial Crimes
Violent Crime
Narcotics Crime
Law Enforcement
Regulatory Enforcement
Property Crime
Sexual Crime
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Improved Performance

Positioning our resources closer to you allows us to enhance request processing. This proximity guarantees faster responses, reduces delays, and boosts the efficiency of your operations.

Enhanced Security

Protecting your data is our utmost priority. Processing and storing it within specific regions enhances access control and ensures compliance with local regulations. This method ensures your data remains both secure and compliant.

Assured Compliance

Compliance is essential. Our method of local deployment is designed to harmonise with regional laws, notably directives like GDPR. This concentrated approach ensures that entities smoothly conform to legal norms.

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Other Solutions

No real-time monitoring

Data is gathered and reviewed manually

Hard to navigate and problematic systems

Hidden fees and complex onboarding processes

Infrequent update of Watchlist Databases

Lack of API integration

Limited Coverage

Dated systems with inadequate filtering capabilities

MemberCheck Solution

Real-time risk monitoring

Watchlist Database created using Machine Learning and AI

Intuitive and accessible web interface

Transparent pricing with no hidden costs

Database is updated daily

Unlimited multi-user access at no additional cost

API integration capabilities

Global coverage of PEP/Sanctions and Adverse Media

Intelligent filters to reduce false positives

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What is Adverse Media?

As the name implies adverse media, also referred to as negative media, is any sort of unfavourable or negative information found in a large range of sources. These sources can be traditional outlets, such as newspaper and websites or unstructured sources such as social media. Conducting business with persons or organisations who have an extensive profile of adverse media can present potential risk and will need to be managed to mitigate the risk.

Where does Adverse Media come from?

Adverse media can be generated from a range of different sources. These sources are, but not limited to, newspapers, blogs and radio. Increasingly, negative news can be generated through social media channels, forums and website posts.

Why Conduct Adverse Media Scans?

Checking for adverse media during the Know Your Customer (KYC) process is a critical step to protecting any entity from falling victim to money laundering and terror financing activities. Identifying and monitoring adverse media is compulsory in order to adhere to customer due diligence processes and various regional legislation.

If news breaks that a client of yours was linked to unethical activities such as money laundering or terrorism financing, you will need to be able to identify these stories as quickly and efficiently as possible and determine what the appropriate actions should be in order to manage your risk.

Sources of
Adverse Media

Traditional News Sources (Newspaper, Media)

Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

International Databases

Blogs and Forums

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