Automate your AML/CTF compliance program and reduce time wasted through inefficient workflows
< 24 hrs
Average integration time
No problems with legacy technology
Average reduction in onboarding time
Streamline your onboarding process and reduce manual effort
< 1 second
Average response time
Obtain results in less than a second
System Uptime
You would never have to be concerned with our reliable service
Reduction in false positives
Our tried-and-tested search criteria will assist you in identifying actual threats while minimising false positives

*Statistics based on average user experience across several industries

Why our industry leading API is best for you
Realtime risk
By integrating with our API, you can perform real-time scans to help you detect and minimise your risks.
Synchronised UI and API
All scans conducted through our API will be mirrored in our user interface, allowing you to conduct your due diligence while staying consistent with your AML/CTF obligations.
Keep your digital strategy on track
Since we have moved into an increasingly integrated ecosystem, real-time scanning of your clients would help you detect threats that could have gone unnoticed using more conventional manual workflows.
Benefits of partnering with MemberCheck
Member Check provides an easy to integrate, trouble-free and dependable, solution that aims to help customers comply with global AML regulations.
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Hassle-free integration
Ongoing Monitoring of client base
ISO27001 Certification
Sophisticated Due Diligence Workflows
Our Data
We’ve spent years building data sets that use artificial intelligence and deep learning.
Our data is updated daily from structured and unstructured lists, resulting in the acquisition of thousands of new possible profiles for you to screen against.
We provide you with a dedicated account manager to help assist with technical questions, setup of demo environments and help with the deployment of our systems.
With a zero-touch onboarding process, we help you streamline your customer onboarding workflow. Decreasing the amount of time it takes to screen your clients.
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