PEP and Sanctions Checks

PEP and Sanctions Check

Helping Companies Comply with Global KYC Regulations

MemberCheck’s market leading solution has been developed in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), to help you to comply with Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing legislation.

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Ensure Compliance Seamlessly

MemberCheck enables you to screen your customers and applicants quickly and easily against global PEP/Sanction and adverse media data sources in the way you want. This is done using the web interface for ad-hoc single scans and batch scans or by integrating MemberCheck with your applications via an API. Adjust the numerous intelligent scan filters to target and refine your searches, and easily assess and allocate risk and due diligence decisions using the integrated due diligence workflow to streamline meeting your compliance obligations.


Choose a quick ad-hoc scan of an individual or company, or run a batch scan of some or all of your customer base.

Ongoing Monitoring

Receive notifications of changes to profiles of matches, or new information affecting your customers, through automatic daily screening against global PEP & Sanction, as well as adverse media data sources. 

Due Diligence

Comply with auditing through the integrated due diligence to assign risks and decisions to matched profiles for your customers and applicants.

Intelligent Parameters

Customise your scan parameters and Watchlist category selection to meet your organisation’s regulatory obligations.

Comprehensive Reporting

Create and download reports in PDF, Word, and Excel as part of your KYC obligations, and to meet audit requirements. 


Create whitelists from due diligence decisions of ‘false match’, to apply to future scans in order to eliminate false positives and reduce your workload. 


Protect your account access with multi-factor authentication. All Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is encrypted and all data is secured at rest and in transit.

Role-Based Access

Simple and advanced permissions access to features with pre-defined user roles to provide selected access to scanning, reporting and administration features. Further fine-grained permissions options to customise features access for individual users.

API Access

Prefer to see data your way and within your own application? Integrate with the MemberCheck REST API to securely run single and batch scans, and receive results in real time.
A global company that thinks local
Positioning services globally, MemberCheck aids organisations in enhancing compliance with local laws and standards.


Improved Performance

Positioning our resources closer to you allows us to enhance request processing. This proximity guarantees faster responses, reduces delays, and boosts the efficiency of your operations.

Enhanced Security

Protecting your data is our utmost priority. Processing and storing it within specific regions enhances access control and ensures compliance with local regulations. This method ensures your data remains both secure and compliant.

Assured Compliance

Compliance is essential. Our method of local deployment is designed to harmonise with regional laws, notably directives like GDPR. This concentrated approach ensures that entities smoothly conform to legal norms.

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Solid, Reliable and Extensive Data

MemberCheck partners with global, industry leading data providers giving you access to the most detailed and accurate coverage of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), officially sanctioned individuals/companies, and persons of special interest, allowing you to “Know Your Customer”.

Daily updates of PEP/Sanction and Adverse Media databases

Follow up of notifications distributed by regulatory authorities

Screening of local, reputable media sources daily

PEP/Sanction profiles subjected to strict quality assurance procedures

Routine list comparison that reveals updates and changes not announced by authorities

Specialised software that monitors sanction websites


Other Solutions

No real-time monitoring

Data is gathered and reviewed manually

Hard to navigate and problematic systems

Hidden fees and complex onboarding processes

Infrequent update of Watchlist Databases

Lack of API integration

Limited Coverage

Dated systems with inadequate filtering capabilities

MemberCheck Solution

Real-time risk monitoring

Watchlist Database created using Machine Learning and AI

Intuitive and accessible web interface

Transparent pricing with no hidden costs

Database is updated daily

Unlimited multi-user access at no additional cost

API integration capabilities

Global coverage of PEP/Sanctions and Adverse Media

Intelligent filters to reduce false positives

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What is a Politically Exposed Person (PEP)?

A Politically Exposed Person (PEP) is an individual that holds a position or role within a government body or an international organisation such as NGO’s, charities, not for profits, etc. Family members and close relatives associated with the individuals are also classified as PEPs.

PEPs commonly hold the ability to budget and spend funds, approve grants, and supervise procurement processes, making them vulnerable to bribery, corruption and committing fraud. For this reason, companies need to screen individuals, during their onboarding process, known as the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, to identify and manage the risk associated with taking the customer onboard. Examples of individuals that can be classified as a PEPs include:

  • Government Executives
  • Senior Politicians
  • High Ranking Military Officials
  • High Ranking Judges
  • Board Members of multi-national corporations
  • NGO executives
  • Not for Profit Executives
  • Charity Executives

Companies, as part of their AML/CTF program, are obligated to outline the process they use to help identify and assess the risk of PEPs with whom they deal.

pep and sanction politically exposed person pep illustration
sanctions list globe

What are Sanctions?

Sanctions are a measure imposed by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and government bodies, worldwide, to restrict the activities that a sanctioned country might be participating in. Restrictions are imposed on, but not limited to, countries, individuals, and companies.

How can Businesses Comply with Sanction Regulations?

Business entities must ensure that they have a sanctions program in place that screens against the appropriate data sources to ensure that they adhere to sanctions placed on individuals, companies and the countries in which they are located. Once identified as sanctioned, the business must cease to provide the sanctioned goods or services to the individual or company, then report their findings to the relevant governing body. Failure to cease activities with the sanctioned individual or company is classified as a criminal offence and may result in penalties for the non-compliant business.

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